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  • How does the payment schedule work?
    After a first meeting, we begin the design process in which we manage two deposits. Both of them are redeemable with the price of your kitchen. First design deposit of $300 to work one on one with our designers and get a first 3D visual of your kitchen along preliminary distribution plans. After the first design draft is approved, we move forward with a second deposit of $2.000 in order to get your design into perfect terms. When the final design is approved and signed, we ask for a 50% deposit in which the two previous deposits are redeemed. When our production line is done with your kitchen and we are ready to deliver, a 40% payment must be made. The remaining 10% should be paid when the kitchen is fully installed. This applies for cabinets and counters. *Appliances arrival and installation run separately.
  • What happens if there is a misfit issue?
    We make sure to measure the space we are working on in a perfectly manner I order to guarantee the precise fitting of our cabinets. If any change arises and the space is modified after the kitchen goes into production, this warranty is lost. This can lead into delays and cost increases. If the mistake is ours, we make sure to cover 100% of the remedial costs and we make sure to hurry back with the remedial pieces.
  • What is the general warranty for our kitchens?
    We offer a 5 year warranty is anything related with manufacturing defects. All our products are engineered and tested extensively and we use premium materials and hardware so you can rest assured that your kitchen will last a lifetime.
  • What is the general time window?
    Our design process takes as little as one or two weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Our cabinets are made-to-order and shipped from Germany so we advise 4-6 weeks for manufacturing and an additional 4-6 weeks for shipping. Finally, for delivery and installation logistics we take from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the size of the job.
  • Is shipping included?
    Always and no matter the price of the kitchen.
  • Where are our Kitchens made?
    With over 120 years in the business, it is obvious that we have a lot of experience. Our kitchens are manufactured in East Westphalia, Germany under extreme quality and timing controls, achieving the staggering number of more that 1.000 kitchens made per day.
  • Is shipping included?
    Always and no matter the price of the kitchen.


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